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We are brand strategists that offer specialized services in Market Planning – Store Development & Franchising with a specific focus in the design and execution of customized business solutions that accelerate multi-unit growth. RDE doesn’t just tell you how to scale your business, we are there with you. step by step, the entire way, from concept to completion. From the design of your business model to the grand opening of your 1,000th store, Restaurant Development Experts will show you every step of the way.

Our unique expertise in multi-unit restaurant development wasn’t obtained overnight. We have spent over 30 years working directly with some of the fastest growing companies in history. Imagine the !earnings obtained in years of trial and error development for some of the largest multi-unit chains in the industry. We’re talking ‘boots on the ground’ development experience that was obtained in the field and not from some ‘ivory tower’ nestled somewhere on the mountainside with all the rainbows and uni-corns.

Our Services

We are not an ‘all or nothing’ kind of service provider. Our services are designed to complement existing teams, empower established organizations or oversee 100% of the workload. We have an a la carte selection of services that allow our clients flexibility around their specific infrastructure. Regardless of company size. complexity of existing hierarchy or experience in the industry, our experts are here to help you discover the obstacles to growth and how to unlock your company’s potential.

Market Planning Services


To properly determine the market holding capacity of your concept and to enter a competitive market with a strategic ad-vantage, proper Market Planning is re-quired by experienced industry profes-sionals. This is the single most overlooked process for most expanding brands and by far the single most important necessity for multi-unit development.

Store Development Services


If you have ever participated in the development of a new restaurant, you know that this is not for the faint of heart. There are countless tasks to manage with little to no margin for error. We’re not just talking about building restaurants (that’s the easy part), store development begins at concept design and ends 1 year after your doors open for business!

Franchise Services


If you have ever wondered if your business has what it takes to franchise but don’t know where to start in evaluating the opportunity, you’re now in luck! Regardless of where you currently are in this process, stop, pick up the phone and call us immediately. Our certified franchise executives combined with our in house business modeling know how and topped…

Our Executive Team

    ESQ., CFE

    Rossana is a principal partner at RDELLC and is known for her high-energy, goal driven leadership, across multiple industries and functions including retail store Know More

    ESQ., CFE

    As an in-house development professional who has worked for many years with some of the world’s largest and fastest growing companies Know More


News & Resources

We constantly monitor the headlines of restaurant periodicals and news feeds in order to keep up with industry trends, government influence, game changers, mergers & acquisitions, buyers, sellers, winners & losers. This consolidation of resources is also combined with US economic conditions so that we are able to keep a constant pulse on the industry and everything that impacts it. We believe that information is power and also believe in sharing. Click here to gain access to what we see happening every day in the restaurant industry and follow along with us.

What our Clients Say

  • Dennis Webb

    "I have worked with Larry for a number of years, first on restaurant and later on retail projects. Larry knows the real estate business better than anyone. He always exceeds my expectations." Know More

    Dennis Webb
  • Carla Ferrante

    "For many years, I have witnessed this team produce results. The RDELLC Team’s hands-on experience dealing with complex franchising and real estate matters sets them apart from the rest. They are true field executives who roll up their sleeves and get it done- they know how to deliver results." Know More

    Carla Ferrante
  • Jim Lovell

    "I have known and worked with Larry for years. Larry grasps both the big picture and important details quickly, customizes development tools to solve each company’s individual needs and brings common sense solutions to pursuing business opportunities" Know More

    Jim Lovell
  • John Mottram

    "Larry is the best real estate deal maker that I have ever worked with! He understands how to develop and implement a strategy. He is very good at building a team infrastructure and knows how to put the team to work. Larry understands “Location, Location, Location”, but just as importantly he knows production, production, production" Know More

    John Mottram
  • Shawn Massey

    "I have worked with Larry since 2009 and have valued his unique insight into the site selection process. With his knowledge and expertise, he helped us develop a methodology to identify high performing retail and restaurant sites for multiple clients throughout our market. His ability to see the big picture through the minutia simply gets the job done" Know More

    Shawn Massey
  • Teresa Curry

    "Having worked with numerous consultants over the years, I rank Larry Strain as one of the best. He effectively challenges one’s way of thinking, analyzes the performance of a business and creates opportunities to improve the business. He ensures that the team keeps the consumer at the forefront. I recommend RDELLC to any brand that is making strategic decisions to grow their business." Know More

    Teresa Curry
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