As an in-house development professional who has worked for many years with some of the world’s largest and fastest growing companies (e.g. McDonald’s, Starbucks Coffee, Dunkin’ Brands, etc…), Larry has acquired vast amounts of hands on experience in all disciplines of retail & restaurant store development. He has participated in countless expansion initiatives for some of the most successful brands to date. He is a highly respected subject matter expert in his field with one of the most impressive development portfolios of any senior executive in the industry.

Today, Larry is a principal partner at Restaurant Development Experts, a unique consulting firm that specializes in the creation, modification and execution of strategic growth plans for companies seeking rapid yet responsible expansion. He operates with one goal in mind: ‘smart development through strategic planning and precise execution’.


Rossana is a principal partner at RDELLC and is known for her high-energy, goal driven leadership, across multiple industries and functions including retail store development, asset management, real estate legal matters, wireless communications, training, franchise systems, and program management. Since 1999, she has provided a range of consulting services for large and complex companies such as Sprint/Nextel, Dunkin’ Brands, Large Multi-Unit Franchisee’s, etc. She understands all perspectives of invested parties and knows how to keep things moving in the most difficult of situations.

Rossana is a highly accomplished industry veteran who is also an attorney, certified franchise executive and commercial real estate broker. She is highly respected by her peers as an executive that is always willing to challenge the status quo mindset of any organization.







James is an IT executive and software developer who has focused primarily on Microsoft technologies since 1997. He remains a coder at heart with a passion for automating business processes. He is an active entrepreneur, the founder
of Optimal Software Development Group LLC and co-founder and past president of the Little Rock .NET User Group. He holds an MS in Computer Science as well as an active Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

As Chief Technology Officer, James is an integral part of the RDELLC team. He is a brilliant individual with a unique ability to diagnose extremely complicated business models, expose inefficiencies and then redesign them for optimal results. His experiences range from creating applications for Fortune
500 companies and the US Air Force to designing best in class market planning methodologies for the retail & restaurant industry.

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