Operation Standards & Training Programs

At the heart of franchising, is the concept of the franchisor significantly controlling or assisting a franchisee in their operations. As part of this process, creating and setting clear operation standards and training programs are essential. Clearly communicating expectations helps both the franchisee and franchisor drive profits and team performance. What a franchisor includes in its operation standards will vary from concept to concept- but some common elements include:

  1. Training Requirements

  2. Suggested Staffing Quantities

  3. Customer Service Policies

  4. Business Processes

  5. Marketing and Safety

In terms of training, a well-thought program offers franchisees a vehicle to set up employees to hit the ground running- swiftly and with confidence. The training program will not only entail the operations standards but also the hands-on portion of the job responsibilities. Employees are the core engine for any business. Training is an opportunity to cultivate trust and loyalty- for both the franchisor and franchisee. When employees have the support through the learning process, they are motivated to develop and commit to refining the necessary skills for their roles. Additionally, a strong program helps build consistency on the execution of brand standards as new franchisees and employees enter the system. Finally, offering a strong training program allows employees to feel valued, which drives a more positive and productive mindset. Setting forth clear operation standards, coupled with effective training programs, will yield high returns by building strong teams and fueling exceptional customer service.

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